Altore Patrimonio/Korsika unbekannt Altore 5yo 40% (Pure Malt)
Altore 8yo (Pure Malt)
Bertrand Uberach seit 2007 Uberach Single Malt 3yo 42,2% (Blend)
Uberach Single Cask Malt 3yo 43,8%
Brenne Trois-Fonds seit 2012 Brenne Estate Cask 40%
Fisselier Chantepie unbekannt Gwenroc 40% (Grain)
Whisky de Bretagne 41% (Blended)
Glann ar Mor Crec’h ar Fur seit 2010 Glann ar Mor 46% (Gerste)
Kornog Peated 46%
Kornog Peated 57,1%
Grallet Dupic Rozelieures-Lorraine unbekannt Rozelieures
Guillon Louvois seit 2002 Montagne de Reims 42% (Gerste)
Montagne de Reims 46% (Gerste)
Le Guillon n°1 46% (Gerste)
Flask 46% (Gerste)
Louvois 43% (Gerste)
Kaerilis Le Palais unbekannt Initiales Belle-Isle 4yo 44%/63%
Belle-Isle en Neige 12yo 43%
Le Grand Dérangement 11yo 43%
Belle-Isle en Rêve 14yo 52%
Une Etoile en Mer 12yo 53%
A l’Aube de la Saint-Jean 10yo 57%
A l’Aube du Grand Dérangement 11yo 57%
Menhirs de Plomelin Plomelin seit 2002 Eddu Silver (Buchweizen)
Eddu Rock (Buchweizen)
Meyer’s Hohwarth/Elsass seit 2007 Pur Malt 40% (Gerste)
Onkel Meyer (Blend, 40%)
Pietra & Mavela (PM) Korsika P&M 40% (Blended)
P&M Superior 40% (Blended)
P&M 42% (Pure Malt)
Wambrechies Wambrechies unbekannt Wambrechies 3yo 40% (Gerste)
Wambrechies 8yo 40% (Gerste)
Genievre Vieux Malt (Pure Malt)
Warenghem Lannion seit 1999 Armorik (Gerste)
Whisky Breton (Blended)

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  1. Dewi

    Now that’s the way to spend a cold evening! The only way I could see to imvrope it would be to pair the whisky with some fine cigars, but with tasting as the apparent object of the exercise, cigars would have been a bad idea.I absolutely love Lagavulin 16. I don’t have the sophisticated palate to pick out the hints of/notes of, etc; I just know what I like, and Lagavulin fills the bill. I first tried it in ’07 in Tulsa. I asked the bartender to give me something in a single malt other than the usual bar fare of Glenfiddich and The Glenlivet. Fortunately this was an upscale place and they just happened to have about 30 single malts from which to choose. The bartender didn’t even hesitate in his choice, but went straight for Lagavulin, saying he’d been a Scotch whisky man his whole adult life, and it was his all time favorite. Let’s just say he was well tipped, as I had discovered a new love.I look forward to reading the rest of your blog. I don’t get to cook much these days, but I enjoy reading about it and picking up new ideas. Thanks for the link!

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